Mark Rosenberg, DO, MBA, FACEP, FAAHPM

Dr. Mark Rosenberg, DO, MBA, FACEP, FAAHPM, is Chairman of Emergency Medicine at St Joseph’s Health in Paterson, New Jersey, overseeing the care of more than 165,000 adult and child visits annually. He is board certified in Emergency Medicine as well as Hospice and Palliative Medicine. Dr. Rosenberg also serves as Chief Innovation Officer at St. Josephs.

Currently, Dr. Rosenberg is past Chairman of the Geriatric Emergency Medicine Section of the American College of Emergency Medicine (ACEP); Chairman and Founder of the Palliative Medicine Section of ACEP; Board Member for ACEP; and a Board of Director and Past President of NJ Chapter ACEP.  Dr. Rosenberg is principle author of the Geriatric Emergency Department Guidelines. He has written many articles and chapters on Emergency Department Inovations and has lectured internationally. He has developed the acclaimed program called LSMA, Life Sustaining Management and Alternatives.

In 2014, Dr. Rosenberg developed an Emergency Medicine Acute Pain Management Fellowship program. His first fellow graduated in the spring of 2015. In January of 2016, he opened the nation’s first Alternatives to Opioids Program (ALTO®). This is a multidisciplinary acute pain management program that not only helps patients with painful conditions without using opioids, but also helps those patients with drug dependency and addiction.