ALTO® Partners

Eva’s Village is a model social service organization dedicated to helping people in need. Founded in 1981, Eva’s Village was the first peer-driven recovery center in New Jersey.

The facility believes that active drug and alcohol addiction can be overcome through spiritual awareness and community integration, and offers a safe and welcoming environment for recovery, as well as fellowship and peer-to-peer support.

Both residential and outpatient services are offered, as well as onsite child-care for mothers with dependent children.

Opioid Overdose Recovery Program

In April of 2016, Eva’s Village launched the Opioid Overdose Recovery Program (OORP), placing Recovery Coaches on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and on-site to offer support and recovery services to patients who have been reversed from opioid overdoses at St. Joseph’s University Medical Center in Paterson. The coaches, who are themselves in recovery from addiction, provide peer-to-peer advice, counseling and guidance to help patients and families connect with recovery services in their community, with follow up for a minimum of 12 weeks after discharge.

Naloxone (Narcan), a lifesaving nasal spray that counters the effects of opioid overdose, has saved hundreds of lives in New Jersey. But many reversed survivors are trapped in a cycle of repeated drug use and may not receive the necessary treatment and recovery support services in emergency rooms. This program is the vital next step in ensuring these individuals are able to access services to help them maintain long-term recovery.

Through this integrated care plan with the St. Joseph’s ALTO® program, Eva’s Village plays an integral role in the successful recovery process.